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Epidaurus The Ancient Thater
This stop is the gateway to the sanctuary of the healer god, Aesculapius, and the ancient theater where you may witness the magic of a performance of ancient tragedy or comedy. Little indeed is left of the most important sanctuary which was built between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC In the centre of the enclosure stood the temple dedicated to Aesculapius himself. Surrounding it were colonnades where the sick could rest and take cures, as well as places of worship among which is Tholos, renowned for its decorative sculptures. outside the enclosure stood the dwellings of the priests, the doctors, a gymnasium, baths, etc. To the SW of the sanctuary was the 5th century BC stadium in which athletics and musical contests were held every 4 years. At the SE end was the Katagogion, by far the largest building which served as a guesthouse with 160 rooms for the visitors who were healthy. The open-air theater stands also to the SE and is the best preserved theater in Greece. It was the work of the architect Polyklitos Junior (4th century BC) it seats 14,000 and has amazingly good acoustics. The village of Palea Epidaurus , where you will moor in order to visit the sanctuary, is situated at the base of steep forested slopes, and here you will find fuel and water as well as a very good market for your provisions.