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Kefalonia The continuous interchanging landscape characterises this island. With calm bays and at the same time unreachable sea rocks , serene valleys leaning against great mountains, some green, some barren, the earth full of strange wildflowers, and underneath, waters flowing upwards - a geological phenomenon studied widely. Her customs and traditional fiestas have remained unchanged throughout the ages. Starting from the largest towns, one can cruise round this big island and visit archaeological sites, enjoy crystal clear waters in secluded bays or cosmopolitan beaches alike.

Ithaki (Ithaka )
The land of Ulysses, an ideal place for calm holidays away from the crowds. Ithaka is mountainous and green with small secluded beaches. Its history lost in the beginning of time , reaches out through ruins found around the island. Sailors tip: Spend an evening moored at Kioni or Frikes. These little fishing ports make all the difference!