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Kerkyra (Corfu)
Corfu - Pontikonissi The most famous of the Ionian islands, Corfu acts like a magnet drawing thousands of visitors all year round. With a coastline of 135 miles, where one comes upon some of the most famous bays in Greece, like Paleokastritsa, Dasia, Sidari and others , beautiful forests, olive groves and picturesque towns with unusual architecture, Corfu offers a variety to suit all tastes. The town of Kerkyra itself is one of Europe's showcases, with a definite influence from 17th century Venice and 19th century England, seen today by the many public buildings gracing the town. Corfu became a Corinthian colony in the 8th century BC and rose to be an important commercial center . In 295 BC she vowed obedience to the Roman Empire, followed by the Byzantine Empire. In 1267 AD and till the end of the 18th century she was under Venetian rule and from 1799 the British were in occupation of the island.In 1864 Corfu joined the new Greek State. It is one of the best organised islands regarding tourism, and you will have a chance to enjoy beautiful restaurants and tavernas, bars, discos, fantastic hotel resorts, museums, cultural events and sports.Don't forget to visit the famous palace of queen Elisabeth of Austria (Empress Sissy) known as the Achilion, because of the beautiful statue of Achilles "Achilleas Thniskon" (Achilles dying), which has now been turned into a museum and a casino.

Corfu (Gouvia marina) is the main base for bareboat chartering in the area.

Paxi Paxi
30 miles south of Corfu, the little islands of Paxi and Antipaxi are picturesque and worth cruising. Dazzling blue bays with pine trees sweeping down to the sea's edge, famous sea caves and above all serene surroundings will surely make your day.