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The whole northern sea can be seen from here, unless the sky is not clear, but this is a rare phainomenon. Homer, used to watch the battles of the Trojan War from the mountain Fengari (Moon) which is 1600 m. high. Isn't it what we call "strategic place"? The island was colonised by Aeolians around 700 BC, who came from Lesvos and built the important city-state of Samothrace. "Nike (Victory) of Samothrace" was found here, but you will see her in Louvre.

Interesting places to visit

  • Kamariotissa, the island's beautiful port.
  • Chora which is built amphiteatrically, with two-stored houses and tiled roofs with balconies viewing the sea.
  • The Sancruary, where nothing but the sky can be seen and where the religious Caveirian Mysteries where taking place.
  • The ruins of the Palace, the Arsinoeion, the Altar, the New Temple, the Aula of Altrars, Ptolemy's Propylon, the Stoa, the Theatre.
  • The Museum of Palaiopolis, which houses vessels, inscriptions, sculptures and a copy of the "Nike of Samothrace".
  • The villages Xiropotamos, Therma, Profitis Elias, Lakkoma.

Sea and beaches blessed by Ancient Gods. Let Homer sing for you as you enter the port, discover Mysteries as you touch the sand. Get informed of the program of the Theatre and of other cultural events during the summer.