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(186 n.m. from Piraeus)

Mild hills, dark barren rocks, calm plains, deep bays, steep capes, peaceful beaches. In Antiquity used to be a place of worship of Earth and Fire, as Hephaestus' workshop was here.

Interesting places to visit

  • Myrina the capital or else Castro which is built on the ruins of the ancient city of the same name. It is clean and friendly, in the recess of an enchanting bay, overlooked by the Venetian castle. Stone paved lanes, vineyards, mariners' homes and wooden balconies. A feeling of a cool scented breeze.
  • The Cathedral, with an elaborate woodcarved temple.
  • The Museum, which houses vessels and statues.
  • The villages and the beaches of Livadochori, Atsiki, Pournias, Nea Koutali, Kotsina and Kontopouli.
  • Moundros, the 2nd most important city of the island, with beautiful houses, a majestic church and enchanting coasts.
  • Polichni, with its ruins of a neolithic town and a few remnants of Bronze Age settlement.
  • The weird sand landscape known as "Sahara of Limnos".
  • The monastery of Saint Sozon (Saviour) whose name is celebrated annually on the 7th of September with local dances and songs.
  • The ancient city of Hephaesteia, with remaining ruins of a 5th century BC theatre.
  • The ancient city of Chloe, with remnants of perhaps the most ancient temple of the Caveiroi and the famous cave of Philoctetes.

Limnos with its genuine humanity and its history knows how to be hospitable and offer the gifts of Hellas; purity and beauty.

Agios Efstratios
(16 n.m. from Limnos)

A small virgin island 16 n.m. from Limnos and in between Lesvos and Skyros. Saint Efstratios lived and died here in exile. Apart from the village beach of Ai-Stratis there are some other virgin coasts accessible by caique. Here you can enjoy fresh fish.