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Lesvos (Mytilene)
(188 n.m. from Piraeus)

Lesvos This is the 3rd largest Hellenic island with vast olive groves, dense pine forests, traditional houses… Not at all strange that the poetess Sappho was inspired here to write lyric poems that marked hellenic literature.

Interesting places to visit

  • Mytilene the capital which is built on the ruins of the ancient city and that extents ampitheatrically along the coast.
  • The Archaeological Museum which houses remarkable finds, such as the "Lion of Gera" and a "Statue of a Woman", of the Classical period.
  • The Byzantine Museum, in the countryard of St Therapon church.
  • The ruins of the Hellenistic theatre.
  • The beach of Tzamakia.
  • Varela, the village where the painter Theophilos was born and the Museum that houses 86 of his paintings.
  • The village Moria in order to visit the Roman aqueduct.
  • Pyrgous Thermis, full of old traditional houses.
  • Loutra Thermis, a well-known spa ever since Antiquity, with ruins of five cities.
  • Mandamados village with its ruins of a medieval castle and where local craftsmen make the famous "koumaria" (earthenware jugs keeping water cool).
  • Plomari, that passes the Bay of Gera with its ancient ruins probably of a temple of goddess Hera.
  • The monastery of Jermogenes, an unforgettably beautiful place.
  • The village of Scopelos with its monastery of St Magdalene and its catacombs.
  • The village Agiasos, is built on the slopes of mount Olympous (967 m. height), with tiny lanes, wooden balconies, the church of Panagia Vrefokratousa (Babyholding Virgin Mary), and the finely worked ceramics unique for their originality and their art. Lesvos
  • The vast sandy beach of Vatera.
  • The bay of Kalloni (Beauty) which is full of what else, beautiful beaches.
  • The Limon Monastery, which is decorated with wonderful frescoes and which houses an ethnological museum and a library with rare manscripts.
  • The declared as a traditional settlement to be preserved, Methymna. Hometown of the writer Argyris Eftaliotis and a meeting place for artists from all over the world. Visit the Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Library, the Gallery and the Byzantine castle.
  • The sandy beach of Eftalou.
  • The small village Petra where the first women's agrotourist cooperative was founded. Women members will put you in their houses in order to offer you the opportunity to participate in family life and agricultural work. Don't miss a visit to the private collection of Theophilos's works.
  • The monastery of Panagia Glykofilousa (Sweet-kissing Madonna), which is built on a rock with 114 steps.
  • Sirgi, is a strange place with a forest turned into stone.
  • Eressos, is the homeplace of Sappho the poetess.
  • Ypsilos monastery which was built in 800 AD.
  • Scala is a beautiful sandy beach.

Don't miss the taste of the world-known ouzo of Plomari and the local sardines of Kalloni. Get informed about the festivities of Profitis Elias and the Madonna as well as the carnival known as "Vallia".