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(143 n.m. from Piraeus)

North; marvelous coasts.
South; steep and barren rocks.
Inland; calm and peace.
Clarity of waters; the best in Mediterranean.
Godfather; Icarus, the "first pilot".

Interesting places to visit

  • Agios Kerykos, which is the capital and the port.
  • Thermal Lefkadas which is full of warm mineral waters spring from the coast.
  • Syrtiko, a tiny calm port is a pleasant discovery.
  • Xylosyrtis, where roofs of houses are made with stone and the coast is full of brilliant white pebbles.
  • The picturesque village Chrysostomos.
  • The radioactive springs of Therma, renowned since Antiquity for their excellent medical qualities.
  • Karavostamo village with white houses going down to the sea.
  • The chapel of Agioi Pantes.
  • The little port Evdilos.
  • Kampos, where the ancient city of Oinoe used to stand.
  • The unusual beauty of Armenisti with the pine forest, the springs and the beach.
  • Christos of Raches is a village that its square looks like a giant balcony overlooking the whole island and the sea.
  • The tiny port of Nas.
  • The beautiful village of Messaria and Kosoikia.
  • The Byzantine castle of Nicaria.
  • Fanari which full of natural and archaeological beauties.
  • The small island of Fournoi.