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(153 n.m. from Piraeus)

Chios Deep green valleys, trees descending to the sea, villages hidden among the mastic-trees. A history buried in the depths of Antiquity. Chios is one of the seven cities of antiquity that claim Homer's birthplace.

Interesting places to visit

  • Chios the capital or else called Chora -as most of the capital towns in hellenic islands-, lies on the eastern coast, opposite to the coasts of ancient Ionia (a Turkish land nowadays) with an old quay and a modern port, with multi-coloured houses, swarms of fishermen's boats and nets spread out on the mole.
  • The castle which includes in its walls the old town, houses with latticed windows and balconies.
  • The Byzantine paths and the church of St. George.
  • The Archaeological Museum and its remarkable collection.
  • The Museum of Modern Hellenic Sculpture and the Municipal Library.
  • Campos, an area full of mansions built of local stone.
  • The sandy Karfas beach.
  • Vrontados village; here is the famous stone called "Daskalopetra" (teacher's stone) where Homer used to teach.
  • Mersinidio monastery.
  • The fishing-villages of Pantoukios, Langada, Pano Kardamyla & Kato Kardamyla or Marmara, Nago and Ampelos.
  • Volissos, is possible to be Homer's homeplace and is decorated with coloured houses, narrow lanes and a ruined Byzantine castle.
  • Limnia, the tiny fishermen's port.
  • The monastery of Santa Marcella.
  • Nea Moni, is one of the most important Byzantine monuments.
  • The villages Avgonyma and Anavatos remind us of other eras.
  • The monastery of Agios Minas, where the bush begins; a bush that "weeps" a thick liquid, a white gum flowing from the bark and branches, the mastic of Chios.
  • Visit Armolia with their ceramics workshops.
  • Reach Pirgi, the beautiful village with specially decorated house fronts, called "xysta".
  • Emporios, is small port with a calm beach and black pebbles.
  • Kato Fana, with a few ruins of the temple of Apollo.
  • Olympoi, with its well-known carnival.
  • Mesta, one of the best-preserved medieval villages.
  • Pasalimani is a fishermen's village.

Don't miss the "Homeria"; events of art and literature on the historic Homer's stone every summer.
Folk festivals you should mention: On the last Sunday in Lent in Mostra and on the first Monday in Lent in Olympoi and Aga Meston.
Your shopping should include liquer, ouzo, chian mastic, mandarins and scented honey.

(44 n.m. from Chios)

A small historic and rocky island 10 miles south of Chios, full of thorny bushes, thyme and a few fig-trees. Houses are built on a Cycladic model, all with yards and terraces.

Nine small islands east of Chios with extremely beautiful sand beaches.