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(242 n.m. from Piraeus)

This oblong island, 3rd largest in the Dodecanese, possesses incomparable natural beauties and traditions jealously guarded by its inhabitants.

Interesting places to visit

  • Karpathos or Pigadia the capital is marked by the peculiar Karpathian houses, built of carved stone, full of embroidery and characteristic interior decorations.
  • The marvelous bay with the unique beach and the monastery of the same name of Kyra Panagia.
  • The nearby Saria island where the ruins of the ancient city of Nisyros lie lazily.
  • The forests of the high mountains and Profitis Elias the highest one.
  • The mountainous village of Olympus, whose inhabitants preserve local traditions, cultivate their folk art, still include many Doric elements in their Karpathian dialect, and still wear their traditional local costumes in every day life.
  • Reach also Aperi, Volada, Mirtonas, Othos, Mesochori, the beach of Santa Marina and the fishing villages Finiki and Arkassa.

Taste their traditional local dishes "menoula", chickpeas, pilaf rice and sweets like "baklava". Lucky you if you have the opportunity to enjoy yourself in a renowned Karpathian feast or wedding!

(225 n.m. from Piraeus)

The southern end of the Dodecanese.

Interesting places to visit

  • Fri the island's capital built along the picturesque bay of Bouka, with Emporio as its port and beautiful stone houses.
  • The cave of Sellai which is impressive and encircled by Pelasgic walls and full of brilliant stalactites.
  • The villages Panagia, Arvanitohori, Poli.
  • The monastery of Agios Memas.
  • The nearby isle of Armathia with its wonderful beach.

Feasts in Kassos are very interesting, particularly on the local festive day of Agia Marina, on the 17th of July, when locals dance in their traditional costumes.