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(87 n.m. from Piraeus)

Milos The island of Aphrodite (Venus), where visitors will meet the most ancient of all Aegean civilisations beginning about 5000 years before the first Hellenic and reaching its peak during the Bronze Age. Magnificent beaches (particularly on the S side) a healthy climate and beautiful landscape enriched with green and mineral waters, give you a feeling of being reborn. At Plaka, the main town built on a plateau 200 m above the sea, the cycladic architecture is fascinating. It is an open "window" to the sea. A visit to the archaeological museum will give you an insight to this ancient civilisation and also a chance to see a replica of the famous statue of Venus de Milo found on the island in 1820. The statue was taken out of Greece and one can see it today at the Louvre Museum in Paris. At Klima the famous catacombs of Milos, the only early Christian monument in Greece, which together with the catacombs in Rome are considered the most important of early Christian times, can be seen and it is near here that the famous statue of Venus was found.